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The best care for your pets!

Full Service Care

Standard Care

New Puppy & Kitten Exams - â€‹Puppies and kittens up to six months of age receive one free Distemper vaccine with the their complete health exam. 

Annual Health Exam - Preventative care ensures the health of your family member.  Annual exams help us get to know your pet and identify issues before they become a problem.  Annual exams are required for prescriptions.

Vaccinations - We maintain vaccine protocols for a variety of pet lifestyles.  Determining what is best for your animal will be determined during your new patient exam.  

Spaying and Neutering - We recommend spaying and neutering at six months, however, sometimes factors can alter these recommendations.  

*At spay and neuter we recommend removing remaining baby teeth to allow permanent teeth to come in correctly as well as microchip and the first Rabies vaccine.

Nail Trims - Nail trims can be traumatic, however, we pride ourselves in taking the time to ease work with each pet to help make the process comfortable for them.  

Grooming - We offer a fun service grooming facility with a tag team process that offers a bather and groomer to ensure that your pet is in and out as quickly as possible. 

*We require all vaccines.  On day of appointment, drop off between 8-10a.m. in the back parking lot at the grooming entrance.  When done, we will call for pick in the front lobby.

Boarding - We provide boarding services for for short/long term hospitalized boarding with treatment.

*Vaccines required.  We ask you not bring personal items except for specialized diets.  We will provide all beding and premium easily digestible veterinary diets while boarding.  No Sunday drop off or pick ups. Additional small fee for boarding with medications. 

Dentals - We offer full service dental care as needed including anesthetized scale & polishes with sealants.  

*A pre-surgical appointment is recommended for a quote.

Pocket Pets - Dr. Cullom provides care and treatment for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats, hamsters, and mice. 

Supportive Care

Nutrition - The brands we carry support a variety of conditions and can be customized for the needs of your pet. 

Allergies - Seasonal or year round, many animals develop allergies that we can diagnose and treat to make your animal more comfortable.  

Specialized Services

Diagnostic - Our laboratory with in-house testing, ultra sound, and X-rays provide immediate results get a jump on treatment as needed. 

General Surgery & Internal Medicine - We maintain a full surgery suite and provide 24 hour hospitalization for routine and critical care. 


We have an extensive onsite pharmacy along with a variety of products including dental care and oral hygiene, nutritional supplements, skin and coat care, flea treatment and prevention along with an extensive food selection from Purina and Science Diet.